MAS youth is a division of the Muslim American Society mainly focusing on individuals 14 and up.

MAS believes in being part of the middle nation as prophet Muhammad described as “ummahatun wasatah”

Our mission in MAS is to move young people toward God consciousness, social justice, and convey Islam with utmost clarity.

By God consciousness, it is meant Taqwa, to fill the hearts of individuals with a greater sense of understanding their purpose of creation. That is to worship the one God, called Allah in Arabic, and live your life according to the commandments of Allah

Social justice is taught to our youth as standing for the truth. This means advocating for what is right regardless of whom or what is the obstacle. It also means to stand with all people of all faiths to strive to create justice in our society by being involved in our communities.

To convey Islam with utmost clarity quite simple means to show, teach, and exemplify the real Islam, not tempered by cultural influences or dominant opinion. Instead, to follow the Quran and Sunnah as revealed to us through Prophet Muhammad. In all things for MAS-AZ Quran and Sunnah are our foundations.

All these aspects of our mission is achieved through our MAS Youth (MY) signature projects; MY give, MY revive activities for spiritual refreshment, MY summer camps, MY give for community service projects such as Masjid cleanups, graffiti cleanups, distributing food at shelters, visiting retirement homes, blood drives, and food and toy drives during the Eids

One sign of the success of MAS-AZ Youth is that there are few events, in the Valley of the Sun, that do not involve a large presence, as organizers and volunteers, of MAS Youth. MAS-AZ strives to support all things that lead to Allah and all activities that encourage others to do so. Therefore, we collaborate actively with all organizations to support our goals and assist them in theirs.